FOX43 Golf Tip: Using a pitching wedge to help your putting

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This week, the FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week takes us to the  Hotel Hershey in Dauphin County on their new putting course.  Jeff Batchelor, teaching pro from Hershey Country Club helps us to make those short but very important putts.

Jeff Batchelor, Teaching Pro, Hershey Country Club

“The tip today is that we are going to work on your 3 and 4 foot putts.   I see a lot of amateur golfers hitting the ball straight down the fairway, hitting a great shot onto the green and then they get to their putt and this is for their par putt and then they hit it 2 feet past.”

“What we do to fix that and to train ourselves to make a better putt, we actually take our pitching wedge, mine is 36 inches long and then we take the golf ball and line it up, using the line of the ball in the middle.  We are going to start just under 3 feet, keep your putter head flat on the green and your eyes on the ball  and I’m just going to take my putter head down through the shaft and through.  Once I get that, then I move all the way back but this one is more difficult.  I don’t have the shaft of the pitching wedge in the backstroke to guide me.  I go straight back and I go straight through.  You want to hold your finish when you are doing this and almost listen for the ball to go into the hole.  That will keep your head still and hopefully and that will help you make some putts when you are in close.”