Chimney with cross on it is only thing standing in home explosion rubble

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We now have a first hand look at the destruction from yesterday’s house explosion in Lower Windsor Township, York County.

The home blew up around 5 Thursday morning.  Friday, investigators returned to the scene to try to figure out why it happened.

Lower Windsor Township Police Chief, Tim Caldwell says, “I think we can all be thankful nobody was hurt.”

The home is no longer, but family and friends are reaching out to help house the Gish family.

Caldwell says, “It’s one of those times family becomes really important in a person’s life when you face a devastating situation like this.”

Meantime, the State fire marshal and insurance agents are trying to determine a cause.  Authorities believe a malfunctioned propane tank is to blame.  Although the family wasn’t home at the time of the blast, experts at Shipley Energy say if you use propane, be aware of a rotten egg smell, know where your gas lines are and never tamper with the system.

It’s clear not much was saved.  But maybe the most meaningful salvaged item- their chimney, still standing with a cross on it.

Chief Caldwell says, “When you’re a deeply convicted, religious family, that would be something you’re in remembrance of.”

Like a sign and a blessing, in the midst of destruction.

Caldwell says, “The life we live in today’s world is overlooked by God almighty and you could look at this and say oh my this is horrible, but then the flip side, thank God nobody was hurt and we’re not talking about a loss of life, just a loss of a house that can be rebuilt.”

FOX43 also learned a family dog was outside when the house exploded and quickly made its way down the street to safety.

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