Karina DeJesus found safely; Jeffrey Reid arrested on homicide and other charges

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The family of Karina DeJesus is celebrating this evening after they received the news she was found safe.

Shortly after 2 o’clock Brunilda Ramos got the phone call she’d hoped for.

US Marshals found Karina in Richmond, Virginia Monday with her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Reid.

He’s wanted by York City police for a string of crimes including two home invasions and the murder of 23 year old DaShaun Davis.

US Marshals say she’s doing okay, but investigators are trying to figure out why she was with Reid.

Family members say they believe Reid kidnapped her last week.

Reid was wanted by the York City police on homicide and arson charges.

“He said yeah she’s alive and we just all started screaming and yelling you know – it’s the happiest moment, one of the happiest moment’s besides giving birth to her,” says Brunilda Ramos.

Ramos says the past four days have been torture.

She’s wondered and worried about her daughter, Karina DeJesus.

“I don’t even think I will be able to talk I was just – I want to hear her voice. Hold her, and love her…” says Ramos.

Ramos says her daughter had a protection order against Reid after he abused her.

It was then, she says, that he threatened to kill her.

“Four years that she’s been with him and it’s been four years of hell,” says Ramos.

One of Karina’s three children was the last person to see her with Reid.

“He said – gave them a kiss goodbye and that she was sad because she might never see her kids again,” says Karina’s aunt, Madeline Bermudez.

Dozens of friends and family gathered at the family home to celebrate and anticipate Karina’s homecoming.

“She was my first. I never would have expected to go through anything like this. It was hard, it was very hard, but a lot of praying,” says Ramos.

Police say as of Monday, Karina is not facing any criminal charges.

They’re unsure as to when exactly she will return to Pennsylvania.

Reid will have a hearing in Virginia where he has the option to waive extradition to Pennsylvania or fight it.

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