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Dauphin County man returns to Israel for medical school in the midst of conflict

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As the conflict escalates in the Middle East. families in Central Pennsylvania continue to pray for a resolution.

Noah Gorelick face-chats with his friend, Hayley, who’s on a bus in Israel.  The two of them attend Medical School together at Ben Gurion University, in Israel.  Unlike Hayley, Noah returned home to Susquehanna Township for the summer to study for his medical license.  In two weeks, he’ll return to Israel to resume classes at a place he feels comfortable.

He says, “If you want to see an example of coexistence, walk through the halls of the hospital, you’ll see Christians, Muslims, Jews, from all backgrounds working together as a team and providing good healthcare.”

While hostilities grow in Gaza, Noah’s work promises purpose.

He says, “Doing work I believe in, being able to practice as a medical student and get exposure to treating patients in times of extreme need.”

For neighbors like Dganit Shefet, a message on the crisis in clear.  Shefet says, “I would like to see Hamas gone.  I would like to see terrorists go and live there like we live here.”

Shefet’s closet loved ones live in Israel, 15 miles from the heavy rockets in Gaza.  Every day, she prays for peace.  She says, “I would like to folks in Israel to have quiet life.  The citizens of Gaza to have quiet life.”