Fall Out Boy could play with Lancaster high school marching band

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Fall Out Boy and Bruno Mars are two world famous acts who probably didn’t realize they have one thing in common: the Garden Spot High School marching band. That’s because the band wanted to play their songs during this year’s football games. They wanted to play Bruno Mars’ song ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ and Fall Out Boy’s song ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.’

However that plan fell through after a complaint that the songs were too sexual even though the students just wanted to use the music and not the lyrics. “I think that was wrong and I don’t agree how it was handled” said Paulene Redding whose two sons are both in the marching band.

The Eastern Lancaster School Board has stood by its decision not to allow the two songs, but then Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz heard what was going on so he tapped his own message to the marching band. In it he said “we would like to come back to your school and perform a different song with your band at your school at some point. A song that is sanctioned.”

Freshman Kyle Redding said “it’s a once in a life time chance, it’ll never happen again.” The rest of the marching band also taped their own message to Fall Out Boy. In it they all screamed in unison “Fall Out Boy come to our school.”

Watch the story to find out more including what the school superintendent has to say about Fall Out Boy playing in Lancaster County.