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New Holland police investigate premature baby found in trash

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Police on Sunday found the remains of a preterm baby who was allegedly dumped in a trash bag in New Holland, investigators said.

Police discovered the infant after responding to a call for a psychiatric and emotional issue.

The premature baby was found Sunday night at an undisclosed location in the New Holland area, Chief Donald Bowers Jr. said. Investigators are attempting to figure out when the baby was born and how the infant died.

An autopsy was performed on Monday.

No charges have been filed at this time. But Chief Bowers says, “it is no mystery as to who is responsible for dumping the baby in the trash. That person has been identified by police.”

Chief Bowers says he’s never seen anything like it in New Holland. He says the officers who responded to the incident didn’t expect it either. Bowers says police will take their time with this investigation.

“We don’t get a second shot at this. We have to do it right the first time and we want to make sure we do a thorough job and do credit to everyone involved,” says Bowers.

FOX43 is told the mother of the baby is receiving professional help.

Under Pennsylvania’s “Safe Haven” law, parents can leave a baby, up to 28 days old, at a hospital with no questions asked.

The location as to where this event occurred and the identity of the mother have not been released. Chief Bowers says he’s hoping to release more information to the public by Wednesday.