Two year anniversary of Kortne Stouffer disappearance

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Tuesday marks two years since family members reported Kortne Stouffer missing from her Palmyra, Lebanon County apartment.

To keep her upbeat spirit alive, family and friends held a vigil in Campbelltown, Lebanon County for the anniversary.

Kortne’s father, Scott Stouffer, says he’s following new information in his daughter’s case.

He told the Lebanon County District Attorney but doesn’t want to release that information to the public.

Kortne was last seen in the early morning hours on July 29th 2012 after a night of partying with friends.

The Stouffers and police have followed leads for two years, but haven’t found anything to lead them to Kortne.

“I always have hoped we find her alive, always. You know, it kind of gets you by everyday. And on the other side if she’s not then we want to find out who’s responsible and get some closure,” said Scott Stouffer.

“Every mother that has to go through this or parent that has to go through this just wishes they would come home and be healthy and happy and you know not come back with trauma or tragedy, just that they come back whole,” says Wendy Stouffer, Kortne’s mother.

Police most recently searched Memorial Lake in Lebanon County for Kortne, but that search came up empty.