Restaurant bans noisy children from its dining room

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noisy kidsA popular restaurant in California has a ” no noisy children” policy.  Tourists say they don’t think it’s fair, but the owner says it’s not hurting his bottom line. The policy includes no strollers, no high chairs, and no booster chairs.

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the biggest tourist attractions and the sign at Old Fisherman’s Grotto, some say, sends the wrong message.

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The owner says this policy has been in place for two years and they’ve had two signs up since then and a third one was just added to the restaurant.

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  • Kerri

    Before bashing me about my answer, I do Have kids and actually I have two "loud" kids – they are teens which I think might be more testy in a restaurant lol. Anyway, I don't think this is offensive to parents, if the food is that good and you want to eat there, grab a night out for yourself (yourselves) or if they offer take-out… I do not think this is a bad idea if it is stated before you even enter the restaurant (as opposed to being asked to leave when your child is noisy). Some people like to dine in peace, some people do not have kids, some people have raised their kids, and some people couldn't have kids so the idea that they can find somewhere to dine out without hearing kids is a "not so bad" idea! I do not think there's anything wrong with having a restaurant for grown ups only…Parents cannot deny that every-so-often you need a night out without the kids, well this restaurant makes it that way anytime-any day. It's no different than other things kids cannot do because of their age. A nice quiet meal – hush – parent or not, you know that sounds good!!!

  • MyViewpoint

    To anyone who may cry discrimination, consider that this is a private business and the owner does have this right.

    Comparing other exclusionary policies:

    Owner of bars (in PA) may elect to have a smoking facility which automatically bans anyone under 18 from entering the establishment

    Many nightclubs ban sleeveless shirts on men only and have other dress codes such as no hats

    You may not bring pets into most places.

    Disruptive behavior of any sort in theaters is prohibited.

    Weapons bans are in certain places, no matter your permit to carry or not.

    Bottom line is a private establishment owner has a right to create a policy and patrons may choose not to patronize that place for that reason or may choose to go there for those very reasons.

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