Corbett continues push for pension reform

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Governor Tom Corbett made a stop at a farm in Thomasville, York County on Friday in his continued tour of the state to talk about increasing pension costs.

The governor wants the state legislature to pass pension reform legislation to help lower property taxes for Pennsylvania residents. The state’s current pension costs are about 50 billion dollars.

Governor Corbett says some of the problems are due to the legislature and school districts not planning ahead when the system was properly funded– leading to the current crisis.

“The time you have a lot of money is when you put money away. But unfortunately, that’s not what happened, and that’s what created the situation today. In defense of teachers, they did pay in, in defense of state employees, they did pay in. So, I don’t want to hold this against anybody, I’m not pointing anything against anybody, I’m saying, we’ve got a problem, regardless of whats out there, we have to fix it,” Corbett said.

In York County alone, pension costs increased by more than 40-million dollars in the last 10 years which impacts the property costs of nearly 200-thousand farms in the county.