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Dauphin Co. District Attorney calls Tutko household ‘deplorable’; father charged in son’s death

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Candles and balloons lie on the steps of Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s home.

It’s evidence that people are mourning his loss, but neighbors say it’s the only evidence that he ever lived here.

They and Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico say what happened inside this home remains a mystery.

When police responded to a call for a dead boy they found feces on the walls and floor and a home that reeks of urine.

They say 8 year old Jarrod Tutko Jr. was dead for days.

His father – Jarrod Tutko Sr. is facing charges, including endangering the welfare of children and abuse of a corpse.

FOX43 asked neighbors if they knew the Tutko’s had children.

“Three, but I never seen the other ones. Never,” said Avis Knight.

Avis Knight lives three homes down from the Tutkos.

She says she knows the father, Jarrod, or at least she thought she did.

“He told me his name was Clyde, so I’ve always called him Clyde – but now I find out it’s Jarrod. (Do you think that’s a little weird?) Oh he was weird!” said Knight.

Knight says she never went inside the home, or met all six of his kids.

“He told me he had something in his house that he could cut someone’s head off. (That’s what he told you) That’s what he told me,” said Knight.

District Attorney Ed Marsico says Tutko Sr. is facing multiple charges in connection with his son’s death.

He’s in the Dauphin County Prison on half a million dollars bail.

Marsico describes what the boy’s room looked like on Friday: “There were feces on the floor and walls, flies everywhere, maggots in a third floor un-airconditioned room.”

The boy’s mother, Kimberly, told FOX43 on Saturday that she had no idea her son was dead or why her husband kept it from her.

“What he had said when I was on the phone with 911 and even our family based counselor was that he was scared. He was frightened, he didn’t know what to do,” said Tutko.

Kimberly says her son had a condition called “Fragile X syndrome” which is a genetic condition that can cause problems with physical and mental development.

Affected children tend to have behavioral problems and learning impairment.

They could also exhibit ADD or autistic-like symptoms.

Kimberly says her son didn’t like loud noises or being around large crowds which is why he stayed in an upstairs room.

Kimberly says her husband was responsible for taking care of Jarrod Jr.

She tells FOX43 that she rarely visits her son or sees him, even though they live in the same home.

She got suspicious when she noticed a weird smell.

She thought it was dead mice but it turned out to be her son’s decomposing body.

“I’m still in shock about it because I don’t know what had happened. There’s all those unanswered questions,” said Tutko.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Police say they hope to find out what caused his death and release more information about this investigation.


  • judith

    REALLY! What kind of parent doesn't check on their children? Did they intentionally make their kids disabled so they could collect $$ from the state? They both should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law….

  • Stacy

    A mother that seldom sees her child that lives under the same roof? Why hadn't anyone picked up on the situation? The parents actions had to be disturbing to an outsider. Such a shame!!

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