Death of daughter pushes Lancaster County mom to curb drunk drivers

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Seven years ago, a Lancaster County mom lost her daughter to a drunk driver.  Now, she’s using her tragedy as a way to save other lives.

Susan Menges misses her daughter, “every second of every day.”

In 2007, Susan saw her 21-year-old daughter, Morgan, for the last time.

Susan says, “On November 16, 2007, my daughter Morgan Elizabeth Long was murdered on Middleton road by a drunk driver.”

Morgan and her friend Crystal were killed by a 22-year-old drunk driver.  Susan says the investigation ruled the driver had been clearly drunk the night she was out.

She continues to mourn Morgan’s loss.

“I should be taking care of my daughter’s children at this point, not caring for her grave.” Says Susan.  “I should be celebrating Morgan’s accomplishments, not grappling the acceptance of her eternal life.”

She’s making sure parents never have to go through what she does by asking legislators to help curb drunk driving.

State Representative Dave Hickernell says, “She believed in what she was doing so much I became her advocate immediately.”

Hickernell created a bill which would require responsible alcohol management training for any seller or server of alcohol in PA.

He says, “To maybe save a life or 2 or 100 in Pennsylvania over the next decade or so.”

Amy Kreamer is an owner of Lucky Ducks Bar and Grill, in Elizabethtown.  She supports the bill.

Kreamer says, “We’re a small business in a small town and our patrons are important to us.  We’ve actually had our bartenders drive customers home if they’ve had too much to drink.”

Kreamer is among 80% of State bar owners who choose to train servers.  Under Hickernell’s bill, training would become a requirement.

Bar owners say the bill will help tremendously but it’s also up to a person to put responsibility in their own hands.  The House Bill’s now in the State Senate for consideration.


  • MyViewpoint

    You want to make the most sweeping responsibility change of our time?
    Require bars to maintain breathalyzers and use them to certify that their customers are not legally drunk when they order each drink or when they leave the establishment. Violate any constitutional rights? I don't think so.

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