Battle over Brews: Shippensburg Sheetz stops selling beer after civic club files appeal

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A legal battle to allow Sheetz to sell cold beer in Cumberland County continues. Sheetz officials said the new store in Shippensburg had to stop beer sales.

The Civic Club of Shippensburg filed an appeal Tuesday against a ruling made by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Sheetz received approval last month to sell beer.

The civic club’s attorney, Charles Caputo, said his clients believe the decision to allow Sheetz to sell beer contradicts Pennsylvania liquor laws.

“The Pennsylvania Liquor Code expressly prohibits the Liquor Control Board from approving a liquor license to a place, property or location which sells gasoline,” Caputo said in a statement. “Any lay person can read and understand this express prohibition in the Code and anybody who has been to the Sheetz in Shippensburg (or any Sheetz for that matter) can obviously see they sell gasoline. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board ignored this fact and approved the license.”

Sheetz said the store plans to file a response to the appeal and fight it.


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  • Rhonda

    I would hope a group of commuity leaders, business leaders, and consumers file suit againt the Civic Club of Shippensburg for infringing on our rights. I tried visiting their website and the cowards do not even have an email address or phone number listed. I did obtain their phone number though! At least Sheetz has not only enough money to fight this ridiculous appeal, but also enough to put this "club" to rest if they so choose.

    • ed simms

      I agree with you. Why the Civics Club would try to stop this is beyond me.They should concentrate on their own activities. Of course they are probably a bunch of elite 'know it alls' who would like to run every aspect of our lives. We have enough 'nannies' telling us what to do. We don't need any m,ore.

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