FOX43 Golf Tip: How a credit card can help you sink a big putt

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The FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week takes us to Cross Gates Golf Club in Lancaster County.  We use a credit card to help you sink that big putt.
Lon Wanser, Crossgates Golf Club Director of Instruction
“Today is a putting tip.  How you can use a credit card to make money off your buddies while you are playing.  The two things to contend with when putting are distance and direction and this will help you immensely with your line.  Once you determine how the putt is going to break, you put a credit card down in line with it.  I take advantage of the logo on the golf ball.  I line up where I am going on top of the credit card.  I like to take a couple of serious practice strokes.  My instincts can do a lot for me if I allow them too. I take two serious practice strokes.  I square the line of the putter up with the golf ball and the credit card.  Get everything aligned, my body and that and I make a nice stroke.  You can’t make them all but you can make sure that you line it up properly.”