Pit bull shot and killed by Lancaster city police officer

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A pit bull was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon by a Lancaster city police officer, and the incident was caught on camera.

WARNING the video may be considered graphic. A dog can be heard and then multiple gun shots. It was sent to us by FOX43 viewer Eli Gacheke.

According to Lancaster online the dog had jumped out of the bed of a pickup truck and was on the loose in a parking lot.

Officers tried to taser the animal, before one of them shot the dog twice.

Lancaster police told us earlier they would release more information, but later said they don’t expect to comment until tomorrow.

dog shot

Photo: Sabina Aulicino-Mattern



  • Frankie

    That police officer should be made to stand straight up with his back against one of those buildings & be shot by at least one person or more preferably a whole firing squad!

      • Heisenberg

        Who the f*** do you think you are? Your an ignorant piece of trash who knows absolutely nothing about dogs. Do some f****** research and you will find out the truth about them. God help you.

      • Anthony

        You are an ass!!!! I loved my pitty… I will take a pitty any day over any other dog…. Do your effing research pit bulls by nature are a gentle animal… if you was to take the time to get to know the breed you might realize that too……

        condemn the deed NOT the breed!!!!!

  • Steve

    Amen Frankie! Ice Tea said it right…

    I would like to know more details of what lead to this senseless killing – but last I checked, there are things called Animal Control or even SPCA/Humane Society who would have gladly assisted.

    Further more; if a K9 is shot, it’s a murder charge. This officer(s) should stand manslaughter OR dogslaughter charges!!

  • tom eckman

    You forgot to leave out the part where the owner was in handcuffs and and already arrested and instead of closing the trunk door they FIRST tasered the dog THEN the dog ran away out of the trunk in fear. The dog was not hostel until being cornered and abused with police brutality. These cops are letting this power get to their heads and special training needs to be given be for these idiots are issued a badge and gun. Killing a dog is the same penalty as killing a human so “assuming” a pit bull will be aggressive is like assuming a black will be a criminal or assuming a jew is rich. It’s racism in many ways and these power hungry nerds from high school need better psych evaluations. This is America and this government needs to realize we the people own this country not the police and people in office. Keep violating our rights and there will be consequences. the law is not above the law. But these cops will get away with it because of the lies and deception you as the news and the higher ups speak. Justice should come to this officer with excessive force and murder of an unarmed, non threatening suspect.

  • Sha

    Yes, the owner should've been more responsible for his dog. However, the protocol is to call the animal control because they have tranquilizers and other precautionary measures to take to disengage a defenseless dog. I love how the news and the police try to take the blame off of the officers that were involved. Let me try to taser you and let's see if that doesn't get your flight and fight response engaged. The dog was scared and the only defense just like a person is to growl. The officers did not take other means to obtain the dog into consideration. They took a scared dog and placed it in a no way out situation by the actions they took.

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