Police increase watch on Route 30

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Wednesday was the first day of increased aggressive diving enforcement on Route 30 in York County, after several deadly crashes this summer.

“Sometimes people don’t even pay attention and they’ll cut right out in front of you,” says Scot Smith of Seven Valleys, York County, who takes Rt. 30 every day.

Springettsbury Township Police, Hellam Township Police and Northern York County Regional Police are all increasing patrols on a 12-mile stretch of the road, and they say this is a permanent increase.

“Don’t try to wait us out for a week or two weeks, this is the way it’s going to be,” says Chief Thomas Hyers of Springettsbury Township Police.

PennDOT says a study showed more than 80 percent of the drivers on this part of Rt. 30 were speeding. Police will also pull over drivers for not obeying the Move Over Law, and for careless and reckless driving.

“Our goal is to stop having trucks flipping over, and cars slamming into each other and people dying,” says Chief Hyers.


  • Jim

    Give the local police the right to use radar and watch the number of accisents and deaths on 30 go down.

  • MyViewpoint

    The highway portion really could handle a 65 limit. It's mostly a clear straightaway from PA-24 to Columbia with better visibility and clearance than I-83 to Harrisburg. The aggression part is something different.

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