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Saint Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen in Harrisburg serves food again after vandalism

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The Saint Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen on Zarker Street in Harrisburg started serving food again on Wednesday.

About 100 people came for lunch when the doors opened at 12:30 p.m.

The soup kitchen was vandalized last week when someone broke in and sprayed fire extinguishers on almost everything. So, they had to shut down to clean up the mess.

The community rallied in support of the soup kitchen by donating food and money.

One person even helped give new cookware for the kitchen.

“Stoner took me over to the restaurant store and told me to pick out whatever I wanted, and that’s what I did.¬† I picked out what I wanted because our pots and pans were so old,¬† and everything you cooked in, it burned. That’s why I said we needed new pots and pans. So he told me get what you want, and I got what I wanted so I’m happy, ” Diocese of Harrisburg employee¬† Johathan Palmer said.

Employees say a professional cleaning crew helped get the kitchen back in working order, but many of their daily visitors also stopped by to lend a hand in cleaning up the mess.

Hundreds of people eat at the soup kitchen everyday.