Israel wants to extend ceasefire with Hamas

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israelhamascesefireThis morning Israel said it is willing to extend the 72-hour ceasefire with Hamas.

Israel withdrew its forces Tuesday after reportedly destroying 32 tunnels.

Officials say Hamas used these tunnels to gain access to their country.

In Gaza, about 10,000 buildings are destroyed.

Nearly 2,000 people died in the fighting and another 10,000 were hurt.

Israel’s prime minister says this could have been avoided.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “”Israel deeply regrets every civilian casualty, every single

one. We do not target them. We do not seek them. The people of Gaza are not our enemy. Our enemy is

Hamas. Our enemy is the other terrorist organizations trying to kill our people.”

Israel and Hamas are continuing peace talks in Egypt.

They are trying to find a long term solution to the violence.

The ceasefire is set to end Friday at 8:00AM local time.

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