Police on the lookout for aggressive drivers on Rt. 30

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Everyday hundreds of drivers travel along Route 30, many of them going way too fast.

“I bet most people go 65-70,” said Dwayne Greenplate who takes Route 30 everyday to get to and from work in Lancaster.

“It hits 40 right here and everybody goes 65 and they look at you like you’re stupid because you do the speed limit,” added Rebecca McManuels, who also frequently travels along Route 30.

Police say the madness on thpolice-lights-and-roade road has got to stop.

“We had two fatalities last week,” said Springettsbury Township Police Chief, Thomas Hyers. “We’ve had multiple trucks flipping over and it’s just completely out of control.”

Springettsbury Township Police, Hellam Township Police and Northern York County Regional Police are now joining forces to put an end to the aggressive driving.

“Our goal is to stop having trucks flipping over and cars slamming into each other and people dying,” Chief Hyers added.

Officers will be patrolling the 12 mile stretch from Pennsylvania Avenue to Hellam, everyday.

“It’s not an initiative. It’s not a campaign. It is going to be the new norm. If you speed or drive unsafely, you’ll be ticketed,” Hyers said.

The heavy enforcement started on Wednesday and officers with Springettsbury Township Police say since then, they’ve been averaging about 30 citations a day; some for speeding and others for not obeying the ‘Move-Over Law.’

Drivers say the beefed up patrol is long overdue.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Greenplate said. “They definitely needed to do something.”

Chief Hyers said the average speed drivers are getting cited for is 73 miles per hour in a 55.

“The lesson to be learned is, if you speed or drive recklessly along that corridor, you’re going to be cited,” he said.

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