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VIRAL VIDEO: How the sun sees you -the skin damage beneath the surface

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How the sun sees you

Most people know they’ve probably done a little damage to their skin with a sunburn or two throughout their lives, but this video may shock you how much damage may be going on beneath the surface of your skin.

Artist Thomas Leveritt posted this video to YouTube showing people what they looked like in ultraviolet light.  Many people were surprised by the freckles and spots that had not yet shown up.

What may have been even more surprising was what a person looked like once they applied sunscreen. The lotion showed up as a black barrier because it block UV; so people looked like they had just painted their faces black.

FOX43’s Amanda McCall went to a local skin care center last month to see what her skin looked like with ultraviolet light. When she saw what her face may look like in a few years, it made her want to start applying sunscreen immediately!

How the sun sees you

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