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Man accused of running ‘Suburban Brothel’ will likely not go to trial

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Coy Klinger

Coy Klinger

The man accused of running a ‘Suburban Brothel’ out of his home in Lower Paxton township, Dauphin County went before a judge Friday and waived his preliminary hearing.  The future of his case is unclear.

Coy Klinger did not claim to be innocent when he went before the judge. “It’s been, obviously it affected him and he made some bad decisions, but we’re moving forward,” said Klinger’s Defense Attorney Brian Perry.

Police said Klinger would go on Facebook using the alias ‘Johnny Rain’ to recruit young girls into prostitution. Police say Klinger took naked pictures of a 17-year old girl with the intent of promoting her as a prostitute. They also believe a 16-year old and 18-year old were involved in prostitution.

“You all kind of trust each other to live by the same moral compass, I guess his is pointing in the wrong direction,” said Frank Smith, who lives near Klinger.

Police said Klinger was doing this at his home on Kenwood Avenue in Lower Paxton Township.

Smith said Klinger’s actions were brazen considering kids were playing right next door. “Everybody has a dog, or a cat, or everybody has a swing set in their back yard. All we are missing is the white picket fence and you would think it’s the ideal neighborhood,” said Smith.

Klinger waived his preliminary hearing. Perry said they are trying to work the case out with the Dauphin County District Attorney.  “I highly doubt this will be a jury trial, I think it will be a non-trial resolution. We won’t put this in front of twelve people. It will ultimately be some kind of a negotiated agreement,” said Perry.

“We just kind of want to move on with it, and hopefully the justice system will do whatever it’s supposed to do,” said Smith.

Klinger is out on bail. He did not comment. He will be formally arraigned at the Dauphin County Courthouse on September 30th.