Steve at the Movies: Expendables 3

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Hard to believe there’s actually a third Expendables Movie –
“Is it going to be bigger? Yeah, Yeah yeah.”

But a critic from the NY Post says you can watch more exciting episodes of Antiques Roadshow on PBS.

Another movie getting BAD reviews is the GIVER… it’s taken from a popular book – and stars Jeff Bridges:

“There’s no way to prepare you for what I’m going to do now.”

These movies may make okay rentals but they aren’t worth the cost of a big screen ticket.

The good news: you only have to wait a week to see a movie that’s destined to become an instant classic – When the Game Stands Tall – just in time for high school football season. Based on the true story of the team with the longest winning streak – and the two coaches who make it happen, played by Jim Caveizel and Michael Chickliss.
“To me, It’s not just a football movie. It’s about a lot more than that.”
We’ll hear more from Jim and Michael next week, and we’ll meet the real coaches who inspired the story.

Until then, why not check out one of the many great films by Robin Williams. I cringe every time I see a tribute to Robin Williams that just mentions Mrs. Doubtfire – He made a bunch of movies that were WAY BETTER – some of my favorite films of all time Like Goodwill hunting… my personal favorite: The Fisher King … and Insomnia where Robin goes toe to toe with Al Pacino and then there’s a film that’s particularly poignant – WHAT Dreams May Come: Robin plays a doctor who dies – and we get to experience a brilliant, colorful vision of heaven.

“I screwed up I’m in dog Heaven!”

I was privileged to interview Robin about a dozen times over the years… I’m sure wherever he is right now, Robin’s making it a better, happier place.