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Cumberland County known as a hub for Human Trafficking

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A Motorcycle ride was held on Saturday to raise awareness of a serious issue in our area that most people don’t think about, human trafficking.

The Liberty For Life Motorcycle Run was organized by the non-profit organization Traffick 411, along with State Rep. Mike Regan and a local motorcycle riding club.

Traffick 411 is hoping to make everyone aware that women, children and even men are brought into our area against their will to work, with little or no pay, or to serve as prostitutes.

According to Traffick 411, Pennsylvania is considered a “pass-through” state because of all the highways and Carlisle, Cumberland County is a major hub because of the truck stops.

Rep. Mike Regan, (R) of the 92nd District says, “The thing that’s going on here is kids being forced into prostitution and working at the truck stops and it’s just so alarming, the sleepy little community of Cumberland County, and we’re actually ranked in the world for this crime, human trafficking.”

Representative Regan is hopeful legislation that’s being drafted will soon be passed to help fight and stop human trafficking.


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