Men wear heels to remember local victim of domestic violence

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Hundreds of men took a walk on Saturday that they won’t soon forget. They were walking, or trying to walk, in women’s high heels.

The 2nd Annual Trisha A. Sadler Foundation “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event was held at the Hampden Township Pool Park Complex in Cumberland County.

Three years ago, Sadler was killed by her long-time boyfriend.

Organized by her family, the walk helps raise awareness of domestic violence, since it can happen anywhere and to anyone.

Trisha’s mother Diane says, “It happens and it can happen to anyone, we never thought it would happen to us and it did, she was a normal person, we were a normal family and we just want to bring awareness to the problem.”

The walk also helps raise money for the foundation to award scholarships and help support local women’s shelters. All of the shoes worn by the men will be donated to those shelters and to the Dress For Success organization.