Activist calls for Education Secretary’s resignation after ethics complaints filed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Activist Gene Stilp said Ron Tomalis wasn’t doing his job as a special advisor to the governor on higher education. Stilp said he just had the good fortune of being friends with Governor Tom Corbett. Stilp is a democrat running for a seat in the state House. “The governor and his secretary of education have a lot to answer for. Right now it looks like his buddy was kept on as a special advisor in order to enhance the pension” said Stilp.

That pension increase is because of something called the ‘footprint rule’ which essentially says if you previously worked for the state, like Tomalis did, and then come back, your pension is determined by your combined time on the job. “His pension will go from twenty seven thousand to thirty four thousand. We’re not asking the pension to be taken away, we’re just asking to have it examined based not the actual work he did” said Rock the Capital activist Eric Epstein who works with Stilp.

Stilp said Tomalis sent only 5 emails in a year and averaged one phone call a day, but in an interview with FOX43 last week Governor Corbett said Tomalis has helped with a variety of projects. “He has been working. What this really is is an effort by the other side, my opponent and his supporters to distract away from what we believe is really the true issue and I just talked about it the issue of pensions, that’s where we should be focused on right now” said Governor Corbett.


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