Iraqi war veteran turned away from Six Flags over “offensive” shirt

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An Iraq war vet heads to his local Six Flags to celebrate his kids birthday, and he’s turned away at the entrance. Park officials say his t-shirt was offensive.  “Ssecurity guard stopped me right away and said, ‘hey you can’t where that shirt here.’  I thought he was joking at first, ” says Mario Alejandro.

His shirt supports a military foundation, showing an assault rifle and the words, “Keep Calm and Return Fire” on the front. On the back, is the name of the foundation. “Two guys complimented me, then the guard came.  I began to plead my case.  I said, ‘Hey I was an Iraq vet. I’m military.  This shirt means a lot to me.’ and the guy said,  ‘I don’t care, you can’t where that here.'”

Mario Alejandro says it was more upsetting to his kids, who didn’t understand what was going on. Excited to be at the park for their birthday, the twins ended up in tears when they were turned away. “If they approached me and went, ‘Hey sir, we’ll accommodate, we’ll get you another shirt, it’s cool, don’t worry about , just sit here, sit tight, you just can’t go into the park.’  I would have been like oh okay, sure, give me a shirt, that’s fine.  But they told me to pay for another shirt and find a gift shop.”

Six Flags says it is reviewing the incident, emphasizing it is a family friendly environment, and a dress code is in place that prohibits vulgar, offensive, or violent images or language.

As for Mr. Alejandro, he says he just wants an apology. That’s all.


  • Learn to english

    Wear is spelled W e a r. Where spelled W h e r e refers to location such as in the sentence Where did you wear that shirt?

  • american

    I do not agree with 6 flags position on the shirt but 6 flags should be able do what ever they feel is right at their park. If they want to deny entry to every person in a plain white shirt they should be able to do so. They own the park and they should have the FREEDOM to manage it however they see fit. That’s what its all about! Anyone who doesn’t like it can go anywhere else

  • Melissa

    While I feel they shouldn't have turned him away I don't think it was up to them to get him another shirt or
    "accommodate" him turn the shirt inside out or just buy another shirt, end of story.

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