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Children in Cumberland County removed from filthy, trashy home

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Two Cumberland County children are now safe with family after police found them living in filth.  The mom and the man she was living with are now facing charges, including child endangerment.

Window blinds block the inside of an unlivable home in North Middleton Township.

Neighbor, Juan Gonzalez says, “That’s not the way you treat a child.  You’re supposed to treat them good.  Get them everything possibly good and they never deserved to live like that.”

Gonzalez says Robert Dotson and mom, Christine Christ, kept their home a trashy mess.  According to the criminal complaint, police were called to the first block of Westminster Court Monday afternoon.  They found uncovered piles of trash, animal feces, broken glass and stains of bodily fluid.  The teenage daughter appeared dirty and her arms were covered in possible flea bites or sores.

Gonzalez says, “This is a wake up call, so they can go forward and get mental help because whoever put their kids like that or animals, they will have a mental disorder because no body deserves being treated like that.”

Dotson and Christ face endangering the welfare of children and animal cruelty charges.  Neighbors say there have been close to 50 cats living around the home over the last five years.

Morgan Wiss says, “Really upsetting it can get this far and it needs to stop.”

When Morgan Wiss visits her grandma, she takes some of the cats home with her to care for them.

Wiss says, “My mother and I keep them until they’re of age to be adopted out and then we have to find people to adopt them.”

Neighbors say one stray cat is pregnant and another one has a broken leg.  They hope a shelter will help the situation.