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Police: Woman cited for spanking someone else’s kid in Steelton

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Rose Jenkins-Washington


Rose Jenkins-Washington

Police cited a Steelton woman with harassment after witnesses told officers she spanked a child from her neighborhood last week.

Rose Jenkins-Washington, 54, reportedly swatted the child on Aug. 13.  Officers responded to the 500 bock of S. 2nd Street for a report of an assault and discovered Jenkins spanked one of the neighborhood children.

Police filed a harassment citation through Judge Kenneth A. Lenker’s office.



  • kidsneedtogrowup

    The kid probably needed more than just a spank and if the parents of that child arent going to do it, than good for her for doing it. I hope they dismiss the charges.

    • Mona

      In one brethe I’m with you GOOD for her in my second brethe if anyone ever touched one of my children or grandchildren I would have to put the beat down on them. If one of mine need to be corrected let me know and I’ll be the one correcting. Did anyone tell this child’s parents that he/she was misbehaving? Sometimes children behave one way in front of their parents and be a whole different child in front of others.

  • The Opinionated One

    Apparently the parents aren't into teaching their child how to behave. The woman who spanked the child had probably reached the end of her rope dealing with someone's out of control brat. Yes, I said brat. I was on a trip last week, and on one of our stops, there were any number of children in need of being taught some manners, but let me tell you, the parents were just as bad. Sad commentary on our society. NO ONE teaches their children how they should behave, either at home or away. Nough said!

  • Lee

    When I grew up in Steelton, it was EXPECTED that if you were out of line, the neighbors would correct your behavior and then tell your parents and/or guardians for more “correction.” Now, you better not correct your own children, let alone someone else’s.

  • Wendy

    Well, all according what the child did and where she spanked him it may have been a just reward .. If it were my child and he was being a pia and needed a good spanking I would have gave her a high five….What happened to ” it takes a community to raise a child ” or whatever the saying was….:)

  • Paula Roberts

    Years ago I was in the grocery store and this kid was sitting on the floor by the magazines reading one of the magazines. A woman comes to the top of the aisle -I expect it was his mother -and asks him whether he would like brand B since his favorite wasn’t available. To this day that boy hasn’t raised his head to acknowledge his mother. My West Indian mind wanted me to fling a can of cat food at his head and say (with the correct cadence), “BOY, your MOTHER istalkingtoyou!” I did not of course. I had been in the States long enough to realize that the woman would have defended the boy’s right to show that much public contempt for her.

  • Kate Collins

    There is a big difference between a smack and a beating. If a kiddo needs a swift reminder smack, go for it. I’m currently living in the UK. The amount of leeway given BRATS here appals me. Thing is? I never had to give my kids “reminders” as the boundaries were set from the moment they were born. Consequences for breaking the boundaries were known and consistent. I have 6 and while they gave me some grief in private all are successful, productive adults.

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