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Steve at the Movies: “When the Game Stands Tall”

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When the Game Stands Tall is a great movie that’s kinda like hoosiers meets Friday night lights… it’s not
about a high school team’s winning streak of more than 150 games… it’s shows what happens when they lose – and then face big challenges together as a team…

-there’s a four letter word that’s an integral part of the Spartan high school football program and it may surprise a lot of people if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie and that word is love:
“Go Figure. I’ve always said, this movie’s about a lot more than football.”
“We want kids that have a genuine pure heart and are really loving kids.”
Bob and Terry are  the real coaches who inspired the movie = they impressed actor Alexander Ludwig and his costars:
“He’s not going to scream at you and he’d say ‘Why would I scream at you for something you want? Do you not want to win the game?Do you not want to be there for your brothers? I’m not going to scream at you I’m just going to be disappointed in you and that would be so much more.”
“These guys could’ve been in the NFL making 7 figures easy and ‘you’re going to stay here and do good and help change kids’ lives?’
And the coaches have a message for young football players and everyone else:
“You can play that game and still be a real genuine good guy and love your teammates, respect diversity, all those good things. So that’s what I want people to take away.”
“And I want young people out there as teenagers to know that you can accomplish so much more than you think you’re capable of.”