Parents keep secret for years, reveal it on son’s birthday

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A California couple kept a pretty great secret from their son for two years.  There was a small door that led to an unfinished crawl space connected to his room.  His parents knew about the space when they moved into the home when the boy was 2, but didn’t reveal the secret until he his 4th birthday.

They completely redid the crawl space and transformed it into a play room.  New floors were put in, along with bright colors on the wall, and toys just for this special room.  All the work was done while he was at school, so he never knew it was going on.

On his birthday the secret room was revealed with a treasure hunt that led him to move his dresser, with help from his parents.  The room was a big hit, and he declared it his “treasure room.”

His mom, Sarah Goer, shared the details of the special surprise on her blog.

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