Police: Harrisburg man killed by 15-year-old with shotgun

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Police and District Attorney Ed Marsico are releasing disturbing new details about the murder of Malik Jones, an 18-year-old Harrisburg man shot and killed while driving through Hall Manor.

Jones was shot early Tuesday morning. Police arrested 15-year-old Niejea Stern on Wednesday. Jones's family says that's his cousin. The D.A. says he used a shotgun.

The motive isn't clear. Stern is charged as an adult.

At an emotional vigil on Thursday night, his family, including his four young children, grieved together, lit candles and prayed.

"I'm still shocked," says Jones's aunt, Dolores Heyward. "It's just like a nightmare, like I'm having a nightmare, I need to be woken up."

Friends and family say Jones recently graduated from high school, and he was a good father.

"He just wanted to get a good job, he was just telling me how he wanted to go on a nice vacation next summer, and just watch his kids grow up and be successful," says his girlfriend, Taniqua Perry. Their son Zy'ren will turn one next month.

For people in Hall Manor, it's more violence in a long history of crime in the area.

"I just feel we should come together as a community before this happens," says resident Joshua Dantzler.

"I've asked the Harrisburg Police before this homicide to have the placement of a surveillance camera, make that a priority," says Marsico, who says funds for that come from his office. He says he hopes that will go in soon.


  • Stating Only Facts

    I don’t understand why people are so caught up on the fact that he has four children…that’s not the story.

  • Shan

    We’ll not to be rude but the kid would of never tried to rob the Malik dude if he didn’t think he had money or drugs on him so therefore the Malik guy couldn’t have been such a angel as all these people are trying to make him out to be , yes it is sad that he’s gone but if he wasn’t in the streets doing what they do best then he’ll still be walking breathing alive with his kids . Regardless where he live , I live in the hood a very bad area and i know for a fact nobody will bother you or tornment you or anything if your not involved in that type of lifestyle RS 💯

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