Police investigating ‘distraction burglaries’

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Police in Lancaster County are looking for two people they say stole from an elderly couple by using a clever scheme to get what they want.

Ephrata PoliDistraction Burglaryce say the robbers used what is known as distraction burglary. A woman posing as a lawn care specialist lured an elderly couple out of their home and into their backyard.

The homeowners who live at the 900 block of Pleasant View Road in Ephrata say the thief told them she was hired to trim trees on a neighboring property and wanted to make sure it didn’t affect their yard. That’s when a man entered their home stealing cash and a safe containing valuables. The woman then received a phone call and immediately took off. Police are asking people to remain vigilant.

"They shouldn’t leave the house and they shouldn’t let them in the house. Talk to them at the door, ask for identification as to the company they work for and if they’re the least bit skeptical please call police," said Sergeant Philip Snavely of the Ephrata Police Department.

The couple didn’t notice the missing items until this morning when they reported it to police but claim they are certain it was them. The woman is a white female in her 20’s or 30’s with shoulder length dark hair. Police don’t have a clear description of the male but say he drives a white SUV.

Police say this recent burglary may be linked to others in York County where two similar incidents in Springfield Township and Shrewsbury occurred in the past week. Anyone in those areas with a similar experience or information is encouraged to call police.

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  • Betsy Truex

    I can’t believe this really happened to these wonderful neighbors! It hurts to think that innocent, nice people are picked upon….

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