WPMT PRIME CUT – Kid majorly regrets stealing a soda

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In the latest Prime Cut you’ll meet a kid who’s scared straight. He steals a cup of soda from a restaurant and his mother uses the fear of prison to discourage him from stealing anything ever again.  Safe to say it works!
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  • Diana

    Maybe someone should call the cops on the mother. She is quite a multitasker – disciplining her child while driving a vehicle and recording the whole thing.

  • Tara

    So, I get the humor…and then I’m reminded of the fact that every other story on the news is about unarmed kids being killed by cops for stealing.

    This kiddo may very well be irrationally terrified.

    Just sayin’

    • Orian

      At this point, I don’t think his fear is irrational. Over the years, I have had 3 friends, no records, killed by cops.

  • Tom Mahoney

    We need more moms – and dads – like this. It is, after all their job as parents to teach right from wrong AND now how to do it. If the kid never steals again, I’m for whatever it takes.

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