33 cows stolen from Franklin County farmer in the middle of the night

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Under the cloak of darkness someone stole 33 of Barron Keefer's cows from his farm on Quarry Road in Antrim Township as well as his property on Stonebridge Road in Franklin County. "This is all my livelihood. I'm very upset about it. I'm trying to not get too emotional" said Keefer.

However with roughly $50 thousand dollars worth of cattle and tools missing, it's hard for Keefer not to get mad. As for a motive, he's got his suspicions. "Beef prices, or cow prices is at an all time high. About twenty of these were all pregnant with a calf" said Keefer.

Investigators think whomever is responsible pulled a trailer close to the barns where the heifers were and loaded them inside. Now it's about finding them. "We've been able to garner some information on possible suspects and leads in the case that we're actively following up on" said Pennsylvania State Trooper Melissa Lewis.

No arrests have been made and investigators' main fear is that the cows are going to be sold at auction or slaughtered, which would prevent them from ever being recovered. They've contacted live stock auctions throughout the area telling them to be on the look out.

In the meantime Keefer said he's taking extra security measures including putting padlocks on his gates, however he still isn't sleeping soundly. "Are they done with me? Are they not done with me? I hope they don't come back. I can't afford to much more of a loss like this" said Keefer.
If you have any information about Barron Keefer's stolen cows contact the Pennsylvania State Police.


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