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Man hit over head with skateboard in Red Lion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Devin Flaharty

A Red Lion man was attacked by three men and hit over the head with a skateboard. It happened on Friday night around 10:44pm in the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank located at 1 North Main Street in Red Lion Borough. Guy Verdinelli, 38, was found unconscious and bleeding from the back of the head by arriving police officers. According to witnesses, Verdinelli and two females were walking through the parking lot when they were approached by three males, described as two white males and one black male. When the trio started to harass the females, Verdinelli told them to back “back off.”

Verdinelli and the females started to walk away and the three assailants escalated their harassment,  pushing and attempting to hit Verdinelli. One of the females started calling 911 and then one of the three males struck Verdinelli from behind, striking him in the head with a skate board. Verdinelli fell to the ground. Witnesses say the black male punched him in the head “four or five times” while Verdinelli was lying on the ground in the parking lot. The three males then fled the area on foot.

York Area Regional units arrived quickly on scene and through witness statements identified the actor that struck Verdinelli with the skate board as 18 year old Devin Flaharty of Windsor Township. Verdinelli, who was still unconscious, was taken to York Hospital for treatment. A warrant for Aggravated Assault was obtained for Flaharty’s arrest.

On Sunday 8/24/2014 at approx. 9:43 pm Flaharty was taken into custody without incident by officers from Hellam Township at a residence in their area that York Area Regional Officers requested they check. Flaharty was taken to Central Booking for arraignment.

The identities of the other two attackers is still being investigated and anyone with information about their identities or this incident is asked to contact York Area Regional Police Officer Adam Cohick at; 717-741-1259.


    • Nathan leber

      Who cares. It’s about the story not the spelling. You didn’t capitalize the word you in your comment so…shut up.

    • Jax

      How sad that a man, a father and partner, is struggling for his life and all you noticed was spelling errors. As I always say, when someone is on their knees struggling, don’t kick them to ground. Reach out a hand to lift this family back up. I truly hope you regret your post. Otherwise, that makes you just ugly. Praying for this family, those involved, and for people like you to find kindness and love in your heart.

  • From Afar

    What pricks! Those three sound like scum. At least the cops were able to get one of them. I don’t live in PA anymore, but if things are still the same then aggravated assault should get that kid a Felony 2 and up to 10 years in jail.

  • mmmc

    No “free your man D” in this case that was my brothers uncle and he desrves to be in there as for the other two i have a pretty good idea who they were and the rest will be in jail too. so forget your man D cause hes done.

  • Archon

    Well looks like it’s time to go fill out an application for a concealed carry permit or maybe I’ll just have to openly carry a gun since Red Lion isn’t considered a city of the first class so openly carrying is completely legal as the only city in Pennsylvania that is deemed a city of the first class is Philadelphia.

    • LicensedToCarry

      Just as a heads up, get a concealed permit. Legally in Pennsylvania, even though the law States you may open carry, you may not have a firearm loaded in a vehicle. If the firearm is unloaded you need to be traveling to or from a range which you hold a membership with. Permits are easily obtainable.

  • Jeanette

    Guy is my cousin his condition has gotten worse please send him your prayers! As for the pos that did this to him…may justice be served to their punk asses!!

  • tim

    i was attacked by 3 drunk assclowns in dallastown and tried to get away in my vehicle and they CLAIMED i tried to run them down when in fact i was just trying to get away and now i face multiple charges and now in hindsight,i should have stayed and fought all 3 and got my licks in but i chose to leave the situation which this victim did and now is paying the price. i hope these punks rot in hell and my best for a speedy recovery for the victim.

  • nunya

    I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Isn’t his daddy the one that broke into a home with a gun in North York while the people were home. White trash! It is sad to think you can’t even be outside in the evening because of filth like this. The whole family is trash! Red Lion used to be a nice place until all the riff raff started moving in! Oh how I long for the days when Red Lion was a quiet little enjoyable town!

    • candy

      Maybe you should read a little better. His father did not have a gun, the homeowner did… and because people make mistakes they automatically are white trash? His father did no harm to anyone. Just asked to buy a boat.

      • nunya

        You must be a friend of the family. Sorry should I have said this nice Christian boy made the mistake of hitting an innocent person with a skateboard? Almost killing someone isn’t a mistake! And if his father did no harm then why did he spend time in jail? Either way it doesn’t matter. Some innocent young man is fighting for his life because this idiot made a “mistake”. And my other point was he didn’t have a very good role model now did he?? My prayers go out to the family and the gentleman fighting for his life. I will also pray for the “idiots” that made this mistake…..maybe a little prayer will make them see the error of their ways!!

        • candy

          I just know them… doesn’t mean they are my friends! What Dev has done is terrible. But bashing everyone in his family isn’t going to change it! I pray for this man and his children, and also dev’s family and his son

          • mssb

            well candy i know first hand his dad isnt a good role model. him and tequila lived at my house for a short time and all they did was fight. im glad they took him away. so i didnt have to kick them out.u can pull up all his info on majesterial district judicial documentation

          • candy

            So that means the whole family is trash? Devs little sister is being harassed and called trash and everything else but she has nothing to do with any of this. Regardless of father or dev! Just because a family has a few bad apples doesn’t mean the whole family is trash. That was my point

      • KevSco1971

        Let me get this straight, “he broke into a home to ask about buying a boat”? OK just wanted to be sure that was what you said.

    • nunya

      It happened awhile ago. Not sure where you could find the story now. Try to google Shawn Flaharty. I am sure you will be able to find it!

      • JustSayin

        Oh yes…… Thanks to one of the links below I found the story. I do remember reading that when it happened. Sounds like this kid has a heleva role model. Wonder what kind of occupation the father has…..judging by all the facial tattoos……breaking into houses is probably it!

  • Anne

    Its funny because I no Devin and the black boy that was mentioned is
    Kai Smith. I no this because he was last seen with Devin and another white boy. Kai has a gun on him and no permit. He uses it as a threat.

  • Rikos

    Man…this is why you should carry a gun at all times. Kid shoulda been shot in the face…useless to society.

  • Shawn Greenwaldt

    Really? “This is why you should carry”.. Good job people. This was posted to make everyone aware that there are still 2 people that were involved in this that are still walking around. I understand your point on carrying but not everyone can afford a gun or the permit for it. Have some sympathy please.

  • Karl Marlton

    Waste of sperm. Our tax dollars once again at work. Now we have to pay for these punks to sit in jail and get raped everyday. I feel sorry for the victim in the hospital. As for the the other punks…firing squad death sentence or public hanging.

  • CH

    Those blacks?… You’re kidding right.. There’s nothing racist about the article…if you can read, it mentioned everybodys race… So read before commenting stupid stuff on an article about someone’s cousin, nephew, and not to mention soon-to-be father….praying for you Guy.

  • Armed citizen

    This scum is the reason people need concealed carry prayers for the victim who by the was the only real man there because he stood up for the women and tried to remove them from those filthy scumbags ! Prayers to the victim and his family .

  • ConcernedCitizen

    I think the charges should read more like assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder. Hopefully they find the other 2 and charge them accordingly. I also hope they get raped in jail before they make bail. People don’t think before they act out, and I know for a fact this scum trio isn’t going to pay this guys medical bills either.

  • bb

    sadly I know this person from and it’s sad to see how ppl change like this for the worse. he’ll get what’s coming to him. sadly I believe he should go thru the punishment of what he put that poor man threw so then he can understand the hurt and traumatically brutal pain he put verdinelli threw. it’s sad to know that I know this kid and he was never like this back then but now he is. I hate monsters like him. I could only imagine what the verdinelli family is going thru and how they feel. my prayers go out to the verdinelli family.

  • Judy Graden

    Prayers have gone out for Guy and the family. My pastor’s great-grandson had similar injuries from a car accident and Jesus brought him through. I believe he will do the same for Guy. Hang in there. Keep the faith, as faith is what does the work. My prayers have gone up and will continue to go up for all those involved, in Jesus’ name.

  • Jane Strausbaugh

    Prayers have gone out for Guy and his whole family including his Fiancée and children.
    Praying they get the other 2 that were involved and they all get what they deserve.

  • Constitutionalist "extremist"

    wait I thought police were supposed to protect us, and that’s why we don’t need guns…oh wait that’s right, they are not obligated to protect us that is our own responsibility. Stories like these are what prove the gun control myth to be exactly that a myth. Arm yourselves fellow Americans because the more God is taken out of society the more broken families exist, the more broken families exist, the more punks running around doing this exist. It will only get worse.

  • Ken Newcomer

    Don’t do unto others what you would not done to you. It’s simple, I wouldn’t want harassed and beaten, so don’t harass and beat someone else.

    This is why small towns need their own police forces back to show police presence in the towns they are employed to protect. Regional police departments are spread thin over large areas and are only available to react to a crime committed and offer no presence to offer preventive service.

  • Libertarian

    I carry a gun on me everyday and if this would have occurred I would have opened fire, killed each of them without any regrets for their ‘mistake’ (to whomever said that, smoking weed or blowing lines can be considered a mistake, this is assault) … And swiftly been punished because they likely would not consider a skateboard and verbal intimidation an equal threat. Worse yet had I shot and killed the black teen we’d have riots on our hands. More people need to stand up to these acts and start to defend themselves.

    To those without guns remember, when seconds count police are only minutes away. Arm yourselves and stand up for your right of self defense.

      • Libertarian

        Ah yes, as in walking into an open door is not entering without permission. He should be glad he wasn’t shot cause I’d put a few holes into someone like that easily, consider it garbage disposal. Less trash on the street, less chance of him reproducing to make more trash like his son.

        • candy

          I’m so happy you feel so ready to put a hole in someone. Not that I think it’s right at all for what any of them has done, but for you to just be so willing to end someone’s life over walking into your door…. without intent of harm. It’s just as sad as some teenager smashing someone in the head with a skateboard. So in my eyes you are no better than the next. Shame on you. Judge someone based on something they have done instead of by who they are? Just wrong! I’m sure you’ve never done anything wrong in your life……

          • Libertarian

            You’re correct I shouldn’t judge people based on things they’ve done wrong. I’m sure Judah, Brutus, Benedict Arnold, Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden or even Mike Vick are all great dudes. Let’s wipe the slate clean for Hitler and Stalin too while here… point is people are nearly exclusively judged by their actions and have been since before you or I were even thoughts. Also I am pretty sure that no one would ask if there was attempt to harm if someone barged in your house, if there was they’re likely dead at this point.

            Also not that I care what someone named after the first stripper I ever met says but defending your home does not really equate to hitting an innocent in the head with a skateboard or anything else for that matter. Self defense does not equal assault no matter how you see it… Again though you are entitled to your opinion as much as I am mine so here we are. Good day.

          • candy

            It’s a nickname. And I’ve made mistakes, heavy mistakes. But that’s not who I am. That’s what I’ve done. I’m not proud of it but it doesn’t define me as a person… that was my point.

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