New Cumberland doctor arrested

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A New Cumberland doctor was arrested Friday and accused of illegally selling painkillers after an investigation by the Pa. Attorney General’s Office.

Investigators say Dr. David Wait “sold fake prescriptions that he printed from his home computer for hundreds of dollars to patients he never examined and wrote multiple prescriptions for 30 Oxycodone tablets to patients within 30 days,” according to a news release.

Dr. Wait allegedly sold two prescriptions, totaling 60 tablets, to confidential informants for $1,500 at a convenience store.

Dr. Wait was arrested Friday. He’s charged with two counts of unlawful prescription of controlled substance by practitioner and one count of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity. He’s being held in the Cumberland County Prison in lieu of $2 million bail. 



  • AnonyMiss

    This guy was my doctor. What a pathetic POS. Especially considering he told me HE HIMSELF used to be addicted to opiates, got his life together and became a doctor. This is sad and I feel so bad for all of his patients. Especially those on the suboxone program.

    • Mad patient

      He was my dr , I can’t fill my blood pressure meds !!! He himself told me he does not write any opiate scripts !! Really Dr wait ??

  • Thankful

    what doctor wait did was wrong. He violated the Hippocratic oath and for that he will be punished. he put himself into an impossible financial situation giving away for free his services to people that struggle with addiction. His devotion cost him his practice and his families home. I became his pateint 8 years ago. He showed me how to live sober. One day at a time . For that I will always be thankful.

  • John Phillips

    Dr Wait is a fine doctor. Often people who refuse to go to school choose rather to focus on envying and entrapping those who paid their dues like Dr. Wait. These guys have no case, any good lawyer will trash them and throw away these junk tramped-up charges

  • William Nickol

    I have had Dr. Wait for a doctor for more than 14 years. He told me to try get off painkiller and he is selling prescriptions. He lied to me about painkiller. I went to his office the last week in March. He told me that he would not be at the location on Sir Thomas Court because he lost his lease there for no payment of rent. The calls were coming in and the people answering the phone telling the people the office will closed. He told me that he would be joining another practice. He must not found another practice to join because he was out selling prescription medication. What a shame because he was a good doctor because he saved my life when I was hospital and the doctors did not know what was wrong me. He had the hospital to run a different test and found out what was wrong with me. I am very grateful for him because he was knowledgeable doctor. I will never forget him for what he did for me. I was sorry to hear he was arrested for prescription medications. I hope things will workout for him. God Bless.

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