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Recovery efforts underway for missing boater

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Another day along the Susquehanna River and still no sign of Bob Brennan. The 63-year-old software engineer from Wrightsville, was spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon canoeing with his wife and dog. They then drifted near the Shocks Mill Bridge. That's when they experienced rough waters and their canoe flipped. They separated and Catherine says she could hear her husband yelling for help but couldn't see him. Police got a call after someone spotted an empty canoe on the water.

"So I was standing on the shore waving the paddle and they came up and saw me, so I'm extremely grateful to the crew that picked me up," said Catherine Brennan.

But more than 24 hours after his canoe capsized, Bob Brennan's family hopes that this beloved father and grandfather is still alive.

"But also after that they were looking for my husband and just more and more and more of them came so thank you," Catherine said as she sobbed.

Their dog was the only one wearing a life jacket. It was also found alive, hours later. Brennan is an avid boater. This was his second time he canoed along the Susquehanna River this past week.

Brennan's eldest daughter says her dad is a loving man. "He was very generous and very gracious, very kind and when people were frustrated, he was amazing at bringing humor to the situation to lighten it and showing people mercy. Even when others would be angry he would show love," said Jeanne Harris.

Lieutenant Stephen Englert with the Susquehanna Regional Police says the search hasn't been easy. "You have no visibility because of the muckiness of the river at this point. The shore lines, some of them are overgrown, hard to get to, which is beneficial with a dog so he can get where we can't."

Crews say they will continue recovery efforts at River Front Park along the Susquehanna River in hopes of finding Brennan.


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