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Red Lion man fights for his life after brutal attack

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A man is fighting for his life after someone beat him with a skateboard. Guy Verdinelli was walking home with his fiance, Christina, and roommate when three men approached them and attacked Guy. It all happened Friday night behind the Wells Fargo on Main Street in Red Lion, York County.

Christina say he's a happy man and father of two, soon to be three. Sorting through pictures on her phone - there were much better times. But now Guy lies in his hospital bed, in a coma. His brain continues to swell. Doctors say he's taken a turn for the worse.

"All he was trying to do was protect me and the baby - that's all he cared about," says Christina Thompson.

Christina, Guy, and their roommate were walking home from the American Legion in Red Lion on Friday night. They decided to take the back way, which they never do. They turned down an alley behind the Wells Fargo and that's when the three men approached them and tried to start a fight. Christina says they knew one of the attackers, Devin Flaharty. But when they made it known that they knew who he was, he started to attack Guy. One hit with a skateboard was enough..

"He never saw the hit coming and when he hit the ground the other assailant that was with them punched him on the five times when he was on the ground.. Blood started running down - the parking lot there was so much blood," says Christina.

Police charged Devin Flaharty with aggravated assault, but they haven't caught the other two men. Sgt. Jeff Dunbar from York Regional Police says Flaharty is not being cooperative.

People in Red Lion are stunned this happened.

"You'll probably find it hard for anyone in the area to say something bad about him, he's a well liked guy for sure," says Thomas Anderton, one of Guy's friends.

For now, Christina is waiting, still unsure of what the outcome will be. She's hoping the two on the loose don't strike again.

"It's about doing the right thing and the right thing is to see that justice is served for what's been done to him," says Christina.

Christina is 6 months pregnant and can't work. She says Guy does not have insurance. A fund has been set up to help the family. If you'd like to donate you can go here: http://www.gofundme.com/dimy14


  • Sarah

    Wishing nothing but the best for the man in the coma to pull through this .. I hope he pulls through and is able to point out who the other 2 accomices are .. They should be ashamed of themselves, and held accountable for there actions !!

  • Steve Gilchrist, Green Bay, WI

    We left York County 8 months ago after 8 happy years among outstanding people in Dallastown and Red Lion. Get together and find these would-be killers and throw away the key. The only thing they’re good for is plant food.

    • tom short

      Apparently he was not a believer in God, if he was he would have been Ptotected , according to Christians. I Don’t believe he wasn’t a believer. The devil (whom I call Allah) seems to have a Tremendous amount of power over our protecter known as God! We see this evil Daily All around the world. He is supposed to have more power to protect If you believe, but yet like in Iraq, 36000 Believers in the Kurdish Christians are being persecuted by Allah. I am sick and tired of watching Christian believers Die at the hands of Allah without Any protection. When will this All Powerful God protect his sheep. I’m not asking for anything personally, but rather End this suffering of his believers! It’s been over 2000 years since he has lifted a finger. As a believer, I ask these questions! I wish him all the best and prey that Allah doesn’t win again!

  • Jennifer Rosenberry

    Keeping your family in my prayers and thoughts. Also praying that they find the other two guys before they hurt anyone else.

  • IsItWorthIt

    I hope they find these lowest forms of scum of the earth !! It’s sad that 3 of them need to beat down one unarmed man and run away like a bunch of CHILDISH IDIOT THUGS !!!! MANY PRAYERS TO GUY FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY AND TO HIS FAMILY !! My heart breaks for them !!! This is so sad !!! Red Lion is used to be such a quiet town , what has happened ????

  • Melissa

    Can she or the room mate not identify the other two… Check out this punks facebook page and look through his friends list… I would think she or the room mate could then point them out…

  • Mandee

    I found that loser on Facebook. He’s a little ghetto kid who thinks it’s funny? This isn’t funny nor is it even justified. He as well as the others should rot in jail for taking a father from his children let alone displaying this disgusting display of violence over money. This is an abolite abomination! They are aboalutely pathetic and a waste of our tax dollars

  • cj

    Dont understand, people leaving comments who other two are, why arent police picking them up. So sad. My heart aches for this family. Prayers for all.

  • Brad

    I just heard about this horrible incident from my neighbor. Red Lion needs a stronger police presence than it currently has. But in turn if a cop has to pull a weapon and use it will we hear, “to much force is being used.” After all we don’t want to have a Ferguson. These skater kids ride down the middle of Main St. at 1,2 or 3 in the morning… not a cop ever in site… the Verdinelli family deserves to see these punks put in jail.. for a good long while…

  • Audi John

    This makes me absolutely sick. I was a skateboarder for many many years, and am now a father to two awesome little skater-babies. These douche-bags make skaters look like criminals to any who see, and that’s not cool at all. Somebody needs to ship these dingleberries someplace hard, scary, and dangerous. For the rest of their dumbass lives!

  • nichole

    This couple comes into subway at least once or twice a week. Prayers go out to them. Hope they catch the other 2 who were involved.

  • Troy

    I say bash their heads once with a skateboard and hit them 5 times. What they dish out they receive. Eye for an eye in my book. Hope Guy pulls through. Selfless senseless bastards. Bet the parents are saying “oh but he’s such a nice boy”

  • justice

    Agreed. The cops should be out protecting,rather than the other immoral things some of them are usually getting into. Prayers for this young man,his girlfriend,and their unborn baby.

  • david

    a young boy was attacked in the same area about 1 1/2 years ago and suffered nearly the same results.the police know who did it and have film of it that the attackers made on their cell phones.they were showing it around RLHS and bragging about it-yet NO ONE was charged!!

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