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4-year-old expelled from preschool after mom’s Facebook post

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CALLAHAN, FL – A Florida mom says her four-year-old was expelled from his preschool over a message she posted on her personal Facebook page.

Ashley Habat says she and her son will were running late for school. It was picture day at Sonshine Christian Academy

“The administrator of the preschool checking him in she’s like “Well it’s picture day Will are you excited?” and you know he of course just went on to class but I had mentioned that they didn’t give enough notice. And she’s like, “Well we put it in his folder last week.” said Ashley Habat.

So Habat says she took to Facebook, saying she just wanted to vent her frustrations. She also never thought the school would ever see her post.

“They couldn’t see it, it was private to my friends only.” said Ashley Habat.

The post read, “Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s school? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.” She tagged the school in the post. The next morning she received a call asking her to stop by when she drops off her son.

“They just felt like we weren’t the right fit of parent relationship with the school and that they didn’t want him as a student anymore. He had done nothing wrong.” said Ashley Habat.

According to the letter of dismissal, “Your relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school. You utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. These actions are also consistent with sowing discord which is spoken of in the handbook you signed.”

“I was in shock. Why would you expel a 4-year-old over something his mom posts on her private Facebook page only people on her friends list can see.” said Ashley Habat.

The principal of Sonshine Christian Academy was contacted for a comment but has yet to issue a response.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Isn’t this sweet? It takes an insignificant topic like this to garner so many comments of outrage, but larger issues don’t get much attention.

    • Daniel E. Wright

      Good Man ! I too, canot understand, what’s wrong with people? It may have something to do with, what I heard some folks discusing, ——-the dumbing down of America. They didn’t have all that far to go. Iliked your comment, so much I had to reply and send you my own personal ” ATTA BOY “. It’s a shame, but I for one, haven’t a clue what to do or where to go. Our Legislators are all bought and sold like cattle. It’s play ball, or your out! Iwould not represent people in this Nation if I were paid Double what they are now. It’s the Money causing all the trouble, nothing more. Money ruins a heck of a lot of things. Any way, very good comment, and keep the faith ! Dan Wright

  • Stephanie

    Well you tagged them in the post! ! Bottom line you shouldn’t have taken it to social media you should have talked to them!

  • Lucy Legg

    My guess as to why they expelled him is that, from past experience with other such parents, they could see trouble and complaining in the future with this lady.

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