Exotic animal rescue sanctuary needs community’s help to rebuild after fire

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Sue Murray has been saving animals for the last two decades. Technically she's the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue's co-founder and CEO, but to the animals that live there she's something else. "Basically head pooper scooper, that's it. they own me I don't own anything. It's theirs" said Murray.

Back in May Sue's rescue burned down after an accidental fire. "Probably about sixty animals got displaced" said Murray. Animals from cougars and white tigers to miniature horses and albino peacocks were impacted by the fire. Some lost their homes and others stopped eating due to stress. For many it wasn't the first time they've experienced hardship. One of the animals they have is called Whooey. She's a capuchin monkey that someone bought about six years ago, but when they had a kid of their own they wanted to get rid of her. That's when the rescue got involved. Volunteer Susan March has been fostering Whooey. "Monkeys are my children, I have two. I would never ever pick a human child over a monkey. These are the best, they will always need you they will always give you unconditional love" said March.

In order to keep helping the animals March and Murray are trying to raise $213,000 that's needed to rebuild the rescue sanctuary. "There is a lot of work to be done. We would like to tear down and rebuild, we would like to have a decent place were all the birds can be under one roof, get the monkeys back in their monkey kitchen where they were" said March. Murray went on to say "For every rescue that comes through this gate we make a promise to. You will no longer be used, abused. This is your forever home."

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