Smell of human feces spreads across North Middleton Twp., Cumberland County

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Waste is being used to grow crops on a farm. But neighbors are upset because the feces is coming from people.

Neighbors say the smell, "The smell has been horrible."

They live along Union Hall Road and they're creating a stink over smelly fertilization.

Neighbor, Janice Harlan, says, "We have gardens in our yards, we eat the food, our children eat the food, we don't want anybody getting sick!"

Harlan and her neighbors aren't worried about animal's human waste that's literally causing them to gag.

Harlan says, "The municipal waste from Hampden Township came to this field and dumped human waste, they call it bio-solids."

Lisa Kasianowitz is a spokesperson with the PA Department of Environmental Protection. She says, "It's a replacement for fertilizer, it fertilizes the ground and crops and then the crop is grown and used for feed that animals eat, but can also be applied to lands that grow vegetable crops."

DEP officials say bio-solids are a rich replacement for soil. It's been used for 30 years in the State. 1500 sites are permitted to apply the treated waste to lands.

Kasianowitz says, "THE DEP ensures this by making sure it's permitted, the waste water treatment plants have up to date standards for their process and eliminating disease-causing organisms within bio-solids."

Requirements include application 100 feet away from waterways and 300 feet away from homes. Neighbors still agree the process remains too close for comfort.

Harlan says, "I would like the Department of Health to get involved. You keep saying feed our children vegetables. How can we feed our children vegetables when this is what you're putting in the dirt?"

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  • lee buzilow

    They use human waste in both south and north KOrea all the time for their crops. I lived there for several years. I am not dead over it.

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