Century-old church in Harrisburg forced to relocate

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Sunday services were a bit different for more than 150 members of a Harrisburg church.

They were forced to evacuate last week, after structural problems were discovered in the century-old Trinity Church of God.

"It`s kind of heartbreaking because you feel displaced and it`s very disheartening," said long-time parishioner, Brenda Waters.

Members coming to grips with a church that means so much to them.

"I needed a place to call home and I wasn`t in the right place in my life but when I came back here to Trinity, I just felt so welcome and at home and it just caused me to stay," added Waters.

Trinity Church of God -- a standing structure for nearly one hundred years -- is in jeopardy. Nearly two months ago, Pastor Dockens says he noticed some cracks in the ceilings and after taking a closer look, discovered the structure of the roof started to deteriorate and some of the beams and trust split and shifted.

The church hired a private engineering firm and after their findings concluded that the structure was unsafe, they voluntarily evacuated.

"At first it was a little rough watching the church be emptied after being here for so long but once we got out there and started praising the Lord it didn`t make a difference," said Pastor Dockens.

Pastor Dockens told church members they can't let this stop them and they have to move forward. And so Sunday services were held in the church parking lot.

"It was different but it was wonderful. It was a great crowd, I didn`t think there would be that many people but under conditions like this we all seem to come together like a family," said Waters.

But an act of kindness from neighbors just miles away -- The Boys and Girls Club -- opened up their doors for Trinity. Services will be held there indefinitely. Costs are expected to reach well into the tens of thousands, so congregation members are seeking donations.

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  • Mickey Rapp

    My company, DNM Contracting, INC was out at this church over a year ago and gave them a solution on how to fix the problem and what needed to be done before it got too bad. They called and wanted us out ASAP. I got there within 1 hour of the call, assessed the situation and gave them a very affordable price. They chose to do nothing

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