‘Foodstruck’ brings 50 food trucks to downtown York

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Central Pennsylvania’s largest food truck event has returned to York.

“You can get a little bit of everything,” said Travis Gentzler. “Try a little bit of this, try a little bit of that; share with your friends.”

Organizers say this is the third time within the past year that ‘Foodstruck’ has taken over York and this time they say, it’s bigger and better than ever before.

"It’s not the same old 'roach coach' that people used to think of and this isn’t fried, fair concession foods; you have really artisanal, gourmet, a lot of locally sourced foods coming out here,” said ‘Foodstruck’ organizer, Meagan Feeser.

With more than 50 food trucks at Penn Park Sunday, the options were endless.

"We have lobster rfoodtruckolls, we have tacos, we have ice cream and we have Greek food and we have lobster Mac and Cheese,” Feeser said.

"We're vegan and there were a lot of trucks that had stuff that we could eat and that was great,” said Monte Jones from Red Lion.

"The meat balls, Mama’s Meatballs; they were the best,” added Travis Gentzler from York.

Some trucks made the trip from Baltimore, Philadelphia and Delaware, while others, like Soul Burrito, are local favorites.

"We do exotic burritos and loaded chips,” said Soul Burrito chef and owner, Obi Linton.

Linton says ‘Foodstruck’ is a great way to connect with customers.

"We’re able to introduce them to something new and exciting and we’ve been getting major responses,” he said. “People have been coming back two or three times so it’s been great."

The event has been so great, that many people are hoping events like this one will soon become the norm.

As of now, only one food cart is allowed to have a license in the city, but that could change soon.

"There's been a committee formed that’s looking into expanding that legislation to allow more carts and more trucks into York city,” Feeser said.

"We love it,” Jones added. “We want to see everything succeed in York and we love when people do things and have great ideas and they work."

More than 10,000 people came out for Sunday’s ‘Foodstruck.’


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