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Grandfather dumps freezing water on baby during ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been the splash of social media for weeks. But some people say a grandfather must have been out of his mind when he poured freezing cold water on his 10 month old granddaughter.

Claude Dalcour is the girl’s father, he says he is going through a tough divorce with the mother and things have gotten even worse when he saw his former father-in-law’s ice bucket challenge Facebook post.

“You don’t do that to an infant, ” says father Claude Dalcour, “the water splashing into her face, a whole giant bucket of water.”

The child’s father has taken the video to police but the grandfather has yet to be charged with any crime.

This is our TOPIC OF THE DAY.  Does the father have a right to be angry and should the grandfather be held accountable? Head to our FOX43 Facebook page to weigh in.


  • Donna

    As either parent I would not let him alone with the child, he clearly has no idea what is best for a child this young. I don’t think any child should do this unless they are old enough to really understand what it is about. If he wants to do the challenge then dump it on himself not a baby. I would be trying to get custody of the child, the mom is letting this happen or trusting this person with the safety of her child when he is showing that he is not able to know what is be st for the child.

  • Jaime ream

    I agree with Donna The Grandfather clearly shows that is not capable of caring for this child. I have a 9 month old Grandson and I would not think of dumping ice water on his head there is so many wrongs with that. The Grandfather should be given something for doing that ,and yes I think that the father has every right to be angry and should sue for custody of the child..

  • thelma

    So now what, it is clear that people who follow the road of stupidity will do anything, whats next setting themselves on fire with a baby in their arms, this is just morally wrong, stop getting children caught up in this madness, they imitate what they see

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    This “Ice Bucket ” thing does nothing for ALS. It shows dupes who can be easily persuaded into “group mentality” followers and show-offs who crave attention on themselves. Let us see which group attempts to better this challenge with some gimmick of their own.
    Stick with colored ribbons because I am aware of everything now.

  • Robin Shelley

    The father has every right to be upset. The grandfather should not be allowed to be left alone with the child. The mother why is she not outraged at what her father did. If my parent would of did this to my child you better believe they wouldn’t be seeing my child. If I was the father I would press the issue with the police harder and differently with my divorce lawyer.

  • e

    It clearly shows he poured it on himself and she maybe got splashed like seriously people its not the end of the world and its poor judgement making these people look bad for no reason like seriously get a life theres no harm being done at a:D

    • thepanttherlady

      Rewatch the video, this baby did not just get “splashed”. Not only was it irresponsible for an adult to do something like this so close to a baby but you can clearly see the grandfather look down and reposition himself as he dumped the water to make sure the baby was included. I’m not sure charges are justifiable but I do hope any future visitation with this grandfather is supervised by another adult.

  • Marie Stoves

    I child that size could easily be thrown into shock from that volume of ice water. If he did indeed pour it on her then either he is a total idiot or did not care about her safety. If it was pouted on the child then he is guilty of child endangerment. at his age he should know the dangers. I do not approve of this whole ice bucket challenge. People have been hurt doing it, the organization is only spending less that 10% on actual research.

  • Crystal

    Yes I believe the grandfather should be charged. If that baby would have swallowed or happen to breath in through her nose she could have drown. I think it’s stupid for anybody to dump ice cold water on a child like that weather it was for a good cause or not. That’s just irresponsible and stupid. That is putting a child in harms way. What if he would have dropped the bucket and it fell on the baby’s head then what? Where was the parent when this was going on. Nobody in there right mind should do that. I hope the father takes them to court for full custody….

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