High school marching band gets to play with Fall Out Boy

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Getting the chance to play with a famous band that's sold millions of records sounds like a dream, but for 103 marching band members at Garden Spot High School, Fall Out Boy made it a reality. "We had all these people turn around going oh my gosh look at that, it's a band and everyone's flipping out going they're going to play and I'm just like I'm rocking this,” said marching band member Elizabeth Dorsheiner.

The house did indeed rock at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton for more than 10,000 people. Before the concert even began marching band members got the chance to rehearse in the venue. That’s when the tour manager came out and gave each one of them a signed card that said, “Thanks for the memories.”

For the Garden Spot students, memories were undoubtedly made. After they finished performing they got a little taste of fame. "We walked down the aisles and people were just cheering us on trying to take photos of us, like now we're the celebrities,” said Tacey Sauder.

Meanwhile Dorsheiner summed the experience up in one word. "Epic! Because it was epically awesome, epically nerve wracking, just epic,” said Dorsheiner. She said the experience has inspired her to become a music teacher. “I love music, it’s just my life,” said Dorsheiner.

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