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Sheriffs pack courtroom in Perry County concealed carry lawsuit

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Sheriffs traveled from across Pennsylvania to support the Perry County Sheriff in court. Sheriff Carl Nace is facing a lawsuit from the county's auditors, who are demanding the names of concealed carry permit holders.

The county auditors say they need the permits to audit the sheriff's office, so they filed a lawsuit against the sheriff. Sheriff Nace told them that information is protected under the state criminal code.

"We have no idea why the auditors believe they need this information," says Joshua Prince, Nace's attorney. "There was a separate auditing company, Robert Morris, who did an audit with the redacted information and had no difficulty whatsoever in performing the audit."

Sheriff Nace's attorney filed a preliminary objection to dismiss the case. He says the lawsuit has no legal basis.

Supporters accuse the auditors accuse the auditors of having an anti-gun agenda.

"They're just using Perry County as a test case, and I'm afraid we need to fight for everything that we got," says Ted Albright of New Bloomfield, Perry County.

The auditors' attorney did not comment. Inside the hearing, the two sides debated over the confidentiality given to permit holders in the criminal code. The judge is expected to issue a decision soon.


  • Ken

    Like the article says, you can do an audit without the names of the people that have a license. The government is trying to push their boundaries and I am glad the sheriffs are standing up and speaking out against it. There is NO need to have names as long as they have the income totals!

  • Eric Stephens

    Maybe the auditors should focus their efforts on other issues. In fact maybe they should be removed from their positions for violating state privacy laws and wasting taxpayer monies.

  • Lt. Klem

    This shows how screwed up govt is. The county is suing the county. Using county funds to sue and to defend. Who wins, no one. Who loses, the county taxpayer that foots the bill for these ridiculous lawsuits.

  • Thomas Raseta Sr.

    If the Sheriff loses in court, he should then publish the names and addresses of the auditors and anyone who gets the information and obtain a written statement as to why they need the names. This is a bull dung suit by some Ahole libretards.

    • Paul Otruba

      With Perry County over 70% Republican, the auditors are doing a Republican backed suit backed by money. We need more like this sheriff and the sheriffs standing with him! The question should be, ” Who is the money and why?” And then clean there clocks in court. Look at the local commissioners and State Representative. This is a most likely corrupt channel through which money and influence flows.

  • Pat Hines

    Concealed carry permits aren’t the same as professional licenses such as that for MDs, Nurses, Dentists, and so forth. Those are public documents so that anyone can verify that a person is licensed to perform a service. I’m an RN, this is how my license works.

    CWPs, on the other hand, are merely to certify one has the training required by the state of residence, or in some cases, requirements for out of state permits; and nothing more. CWP holders aren’t providing a professional service to anyone.

    Therefore, CWPs are NOT public records.

  • Greg Miller

    This happens in my hometown, and I will tell you right now that I will collect personal addresses, phones, work information, automobile descriptions, license plates, etc., of the government officials and air them on local radio, post them on the internet and hand it out on half page flyers in the town square.

  • SgtHappy

    Good for the Sherriff! Where can I go to contribute to his re-election campaign? Finally someone in Gov’t who will stand up to these idiots and protect the rights of law abiding citizens.

  • Jon

    Post the auditors addressees and lack of gun ownership. If they are so proud of being gun free, let all the local criminals know where they live.

  • Brandi Fillmore Eberson

    It is ridiculous to think private permits should be anything but private. What ever happened to privacy in America? We take a test and have a background check performed on us. Just to prove to the government we are okay to use our 2nd amendment right to protect ourselves. That’s already an infringement on our rights. This overreaching by the government has to stop!

    • George Fleisher

      I agree 100% with your comment, we are losing our Constitutional rights because we allow it. We must stop this BS ASAP. All gun control laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  • Doug

    well one possible benefit of it, is hopefully they can get the names of those officials who are demanding the names of CCW permit holder and get them voted OUT of office. Turn the tables on them.

  • Sandra Stonko-Crue

    Don’t get me wrong please. I am NOT anti-gun, but the laws in PA SUCK. It is way to easy to get a permit and in York County, so hard to get it revoked. I feel if anyone tries to invade your home and threaten you, by all means FIRE AWAY… But I can show any reported how easy it is to get the permit and yet show documentation on how difficult it is for doctors and Neurologist to have it revoked. In my situation my father his entire life never seen a reason to own a gun except law enforcement. At the age of 70 all the sudden he decided he wanted a permit, went to the York County Court house and submitted his application. Well since he NEVER been arrested so it took no time at all. About 8 months later his Neurologist discovered he had Frontotemporal Degeneration aka FTD(by the time it is found your time is limited). To get a permit, NO medical or MENTAL checks are required. That is pretty stupid. I made many calls to so many to try to get them to help. Big shocker, not much help from the state. After his Neurologist and family doctor both send and faxed statements to the State Police telling them he was a SERIOUS threat to himself and more so to the GENERAL PUBLIC, It still took about a month and half for York County to send a letter telling my DYING father HE must bring his permit in person. I was furious. Heck, within the time AFTER they received the letters my father could of hurt ANYONE since he had a permit yet no real reason to have one. On his application the reason he put he wanted it was for personal protection. Seriously PA? When someone walks into the office who is elderly, you would think a RED FLAG would go up. I like to thank the STATE OF PA for making my life hell during that time and the added stress for living in fear of my own father during that time.I will have to add I have MS and the stress really messed me up medically. I worried everyday he would shoot someone. And well my mother passed away May 4,2013 from FTD only being diagnosed 2 years and well my father was diagnosed September 2013 and DIED May 1, 2014. You have no idea how many elderly people are out their with this illness and has permits.

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