Starved boy’s mother told school not to feed child

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GREENVILLE, Pa. —  Police say a 7-year-old boy in Mercer County was starved and regularly beaten reports WPXI.

The boy’s mother, 28-year-old Mary C. Rader, told his school not to feed him breakfast because he had eaten at home and would “overeat if he was fed again.”

School officials contacted Children and Youth Services after the boy was found stealing food from the garbage and hoarding it in his shoes and socks.

The boy was found at the family’s home weighting just 25 pounds, and investigators say, “he looked like a Holocaust victim.”

Rader along with the boy’s grandparents are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit murder.

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  • jen

    There are so many people that would have raised this little boy with love and caring and compation . anyone involved in starving this child should have the same thing done to them!! Don’t do something to someone else you wouldn’t want done to yourself!!

  • Stephanie

    When my son was 7 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s and was down to 40 lbs. I thought that was bad, I couldn’t imagine 25 oh my! So so sad, this little boy has been broken. I can only hope he finds a loving home.

  • Robyne

    This breaks my heart I raised 5kids 3 i adopted 2 were drug babies all are grown now im sitting here looking. At one of ny grandaughters who is 6mos old and weighs 22 pounds how could anyone do such a horrible thing to a child? Mine were so cherrished as thid little boy should have been. I would have gladly took him. I hope all involved are punished to the max. God bless you little one

  • Maria

    This disgusts me! I have 3 children, and my 1yr old weighs 23lbs I can’t imagine a 7yr old weighing 25lbs! Some people don’t deserve their children. I pray the poor little boy finds a great home that loved him to pieces! And for the parents… STARVE THEM!

  • larethea

    So horrible! And in this part of PA the government helps single mom’s with everything. Why have children to abuse them? You reap what you sow young lady! Prayers go out to this little boy may you be healed and I pray they find someone to love you and treat you like a human and with the dignity that you deserve! Hugs to you….and if they don’t find someone to love you. I do and will tell them to look me up! I have raised mine and have adopted a whole new crew.

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