It’s legal to walk around naked in Topeka

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Last week, pictures surfaced online of a naked man walking the streets of Topeka, Kansas. According to Topeka Police and the Shawnee County Sheriff's department that activity is legal.

When a family tried to call police on the naked man walking down the street, the police said there was nothing they could do because there is no ordinance. Now one city council woman is trying to establish an ordinance.

"What I'm trying to do is create a tool that way T.P.D. or any sort of emergency tech is able to assess somebody," says councilwoman Michelle De La Isla.  "We want to make sure this doesn't happen in a school because nobody wants their kids to be exposed to naked people."

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  • Jorge Janeiro

    The city does not need a “tool”, they already have one: the woman trying to pass the ordinance. I am sure they must have some city ordinance about mentally ill people roaming the streets, no? That would be a useful “tool” to pass, which would help more than just those who suddenly have the need to feel the breeze rush through their nutsack. They should pass something that has them checked and treated if necessary.

  • carlene mccormick

    No they didn’t want to touch that guy before they have a coffee and donut break because he might forget to wash his hands before licking the sweetness off his fingers so they choose to do nothing bull

  • Yorker

    Naked people running the streets is going to be distracting at best, and given our obesity epidemic potentially a new adventure of things you can never unsee every day. Some sort of ordinance is in order here.

  • Me

    Wow! The comments being tossed around. So because he’s naked and comfortable in his skin he must be mental or a tweeker? Then to say crap about obesity and nudity.. so if he had been a nude fake porn model all you guys would have been on board?? Grow up! Geeze! The naked body is beautiful. Man or woman of any size race etc. Get over yourselves!

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