Machinists on Strike; upset over company’s proposed health insurance plan

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More than 100 Precision Custom Components employees are on the picket line in York. They're protesting the company's proposed health insurance plan.

Mike Gruver has been a fabricator and welder for the company for six years.

He says, "It's steady work, insurance was good, pay is good, people are good."

But until he gets good news, Gruver's not returning to work.

Gruver says, "We're just trying to stand up for what we want too."

He and around 110 workers want change in the company's proposed health insurance plan. Randy Jones is the union representative with the International Association of Machinists. Jones says next year employees will pay ten times the deductibles they pay now.

He says, "It's currently $200 for single, $400 for family. They want to go to a $2000- $4000. $2000 for single, $4000 for family."

The proposed plan also includes a $50,000 cap for employees injured while riding or being a passenger in a 2 or 3 wheel vehicle.

Gruver says, "$50,000 isn't going to cover a major accident, you're talking maybe a million."

The union is in contract negotiations with the company. Jones says, "Until the company contacts me and is willing to go back to the negotiating table, we're on strike."

The union says the company's offering to pay 50 percent of supplemental insurance to cover their regular insurance. FOX 43 made several calls to the company regarding the plan. We have not heard back.


  • mad

    What’s not funny is that my dad has been with the company for 30+ years, is not in the union, and this will affect him too. How do they expect people to pay all this? You would almost be better off not to have the damn insurance at all. Oh wait, Obama took that choice away to.

  • crap

    UNFORTUNATELY this particular company needs a union or things for the hourly employees would be worse. Lets discuss Mr Gary Butler the CEO of the company which was named executive of the year in 2011. Mr Butler claims that he can train MONKEYS to do the skilled laborers job….now how would you feel being compared to damn monkeys? I would like to know who in the hell elected him for that grand title because unfortunately they did not ask the people that work under him how they are really treated. In the article they speak about employee morale, WHAT EMPLOYEE MORALE might that be? In order for a company to prosper, employees need to be treated with respect not looked down upon. Truth be told the skilled employees and the salary personnel that are working inside the plants are the individuals that make the company earn a revenue not the OVERHEAD personnel sitting in their air conditioned offices.

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