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Farmers give consumers the 411 on GMO food safety

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The use of GMO's in our food is hotly debated.... today farmers Jennifer Schmidt and Kristin Reese talked to Fox43 about GMO safety.


  • Agnes

    With the massive amount of spending some companies are doing to hide the truth, they would be better served using these funds to share with consumers the benefits — if they are truly benefits — of their GMO products. The lack of transparency and truth about what products are GMO is what is scaring consumers to death.

    So this “nice story” on the news still does not make people feel secure when the truth of GMO’s is continually being hidden. Label the food. It really would be voluntary if companies that produced GMO food really were confident about the goodness of their products. IS there even ONE GMO product that does something REALLY GOOD for some health condition? That GMO should be labeled and shouted to the ROOF!!! Say it! Do you have even ONE GMO product that reduces diabetes in children or anything???? Why spend so much to hide it, if there is one little thing even that GMO’s actually do that are good for your health.

    But they know something, it seems that must be terrible… otherwise labeling would not be an issue.”

  • sam

    GMOS are bad for your health, bad for the soil air and water .GMOS and roundup cause many diseases , havent bought any thing with GMOS in true organic everyone !

  • sam

    and GMO soy and corn is grown to feed cows in in factory farm feedlots , cows are are meant to eat grass not grains cows get sick from GMO corn and soy and so do we.GMO corn grown for ethanol uses more energy[ and uses fossil fuels gas and oil] than it produces . ban GMOS dont just label them

  • Barbara Thomas

    There is no consumer benefit, only risk. Genetically engineered crops were developed to tolerate repeated applications of the herbicide glyphosate (aka Roundup) and to produce pesticide in every cell of the plant. Every plant with the pesticide producing trait is a registered pesticide with the EPA. Often these traits are combined into the same food crop meaning that the resultant food is an EPA registered pesticide that has been treated with (and has absorbed residues of) the endocrine disrupting weed killer Roundup.

    In addition, since the introduction of GMO agriculture chemical use has increased dramatically and has led to herbicide resistant “superweeds”, pesticide resistant pests, cross-contamination of non-GMO crops and a food supply that is contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

  • sam

    and notice how they say they use less pesticides[and thats only becuase the pesticide is actually part of the seed and plant and in your food if you eat GMOS now ]but they leave out the inconvenient fact that they use more herbicdes now[roundup glyphosate]and they conveniently leave out the fact that true organic farming does not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides so they still use more pesticides and herbicides than organic farming .

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