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More sinkholes likely on Harrisburg street

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In Harrisburg, a Public Works Committee meeting at City Hall left people in tears tonight. Neighbors on the 1400 block of South 14th Street hoped for solutions to the sinkholes that opened up there back in March.

Engineering firm Gannett Fleming presented the results of their study of the road. It shows a high risk for more sinkholes. The study focused on the road, but neighbors are concerned their houses could sink, as well.

"I feel as though they really are not moving fast enough to get to the bottom line," says neighbor Maria Vargas. "I feel like we're being pushed over repeatedly repeatedly and I fear for my family as well as all other residents."

It also shows the problem is at least 50 feet deep, costing millions to fix. Mayor Eric Papenfuse says he will look for state or federal funding to cover the cost.

The City Council will have to approve a second study to look at possible solutions, which will take five weeks.

"How much money are you going to put into research while we're sitting ducks, basically," asks homeowner Nikole Stewart.

The study shows the existing sinkholes are likely to get bigger with more rain- or snow.

"I hope and pray we can get out of there before winter comes," says resident Jonnie Graves. "Because it's going to be worse in the winter with the snow and the ice."